ISO9001 Lead Auditor Course

5 days – NQF Level 5

When you are out of quality – you are out of business!
Organisations around the world recognise the value of using management systems to control business risk, contribute value and rely on skilled professionals to assess the performance of their management practices in order to enhance efficiency and credibility. Customers are loyal to quality, not the company. With increasing globalisation and competitiveness, it is more important than ever for organisations to use competent, certified auditors. Quality products and quality service begin with quality thinking and quality auditors!

Target Group

  • ISO9001 implementers wanting to become auditors
  • Other ISO & OHSAS implementers of the management systems
  • Auditors-in-training
  • Auditors without a formal auditors qualification
  • SHEQ Management


All delegates are expected to have an understanding of the relevant ISO series of standards.

The following pre-requisites are compulsory:

  • 3 Day ISO9001 Implementation Course
  • A minimum of 5 years working experience is required

Course Objectives

To equip candidates with international guideline knowledge and skill towards becoming a lead auditor within the ISO9001 auditing discipline.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course the candidate will be able to:

  • Prepare for, report on, and carry out the follow up of audits
  • Have achieved the means to assess and improve on his/her own management system to comply with ISO9001
  • Describe the purpose of a Quality Management System
  • Explain the scope and other criteria for Quality Audits
  • Interpret ISO9001 requirements
  • Identify and assess Quality risks
  • Plan and conduct Audits against ISO9001 requirements in compliance with ISO 19011
  • Prepare Audit reports with valid and factual non-conformities that add value
  • Conduct follow up Audits that include evaluating effectiveness on corrective/preventive action


This course is presented in the English language.

Learning Material

Delegates will use the ISO19011 and ISO9001 standards.

Course Requirements

It is strongly recommended to bring a laptop with to the course for use during the week.

It is compulsory to bring PPE to this course as it includes a practical auditing session on site.

The minimum requirements should be: safety shoes, hard hat, hearing protection and safety goggles.

Dates & Costs

Please refer to the Advantage ACT Course Schedule


Advantage ACT Training Centre Pretoria or on-site for 10 or more candidates.


+27 (0) 12 809 4210/1 or

Advantage ACT supplies each delegate with morning & afternoon tea/coffee, LIGHT lunch and filtered water. Should you have requirements beyond what we provide, kindly make sure you make provision accordingly.

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Recent Events & Blog Posts

Imminent Changes to the South African OHS Training Landscape

by Joep Joubert


Most of our readers are by now aware of imminent changes to the South African training landscape. When the SAQA Act was introduced in 1995, it started a long and laborious process to better regulate the SA training landscape, to amongst others, redress the inequalities of the past. This lead to things like the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), unit standards and unit standard based qualifications, which we complained about, but today is as much part of our day as having a meal.

Most of us did not realise the impact at the time, but our landscape is again in the process of changing due to the introduction of the NQF Act, 67 of 2008, that replaced the SAQA Act and introduced the concept of three quality councils, namely Umalusi, the Council for Higher Education (CHE) and the one that concerns us most, the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations or the QCTO as more commonly known. This article would like to briefly explore some of the more pertinent changes to the OHS training and qualification landscape that will soon start impacting on us all.

QCTO Qualifications VS Unit Standards

The NQF Act was introduced after extensive research on why unit standards based qualifications were not embraced as well as anticipated, and it now tries to address these reasons to make training in SA work better.

The NQF Act makes provision for the development of new qualifications that will eventually replace the current unit standard based qualifications. These new qualifications are now called occupational qualifications. Of course there are many differences between the old and the new but arguably the biggest difference is the fact that qualifications are now no longer built on unit standards, but knowledge subjects, practical skills modules and work experience modules.

Another huge change will be in the assessment of qualifications. All learners who in future wish to acquire a full qualification will have to be assessed by an external assessment quality partner (AQP).

In practice this will mean that learners will do their training with a training provider, the practical skills component will be done through simulations either in class or under controlled conditions in selected workplaces, the workplace experience will be gained under supervision in approved work places on completion of which the learner will do his final

integrative assessment with the AQP. We will explore more detail in this regard in later newsletters.

Current status in OHS?

You may be aware that there were processes that took place since 2011 to redevelop the qualifications in OHS as well, to align with the QCTO requirements. You may have seen drafts of the new qualification that were circulated at that time. This process was delayed in 2013 when the OHS community could not agree on who should be the Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) for this qualification. In 2015 the process was re-activated and it was agreed that DQS would act as the AQP. The qualification was submitted to the QCTO at the beginning of this year and is currently in the process of consideration, first by the QCTO Board and then final approval by the SAQA Board. If all goes well the qualification could be approved by the end of 2016.

The Advantage A.C.T. Position

As always, Advantage ACT intends to be a leader in this changing landscape and because Joep Joubert was actively involved in this whole process right from the start, we are in an excellent position to be just that.

Advantage ACT has started a process to analyse the new qualification and intends packaging it into modules that align with both the qualification and existing client requirements, so that learners will not only learn what they need in the workplace, but it will be packaged in such a way that they are in a position to start building towards a full qualification, should they so wish!

Time Frames

Although the registration of the new qualification is dependent on the QCTO and SAQA processes and it is out of our control, Advantage ACT took a strategic decision to immediately start the process. This so that we are ready to register as soon as the qualification is registered and the QCTO starts accepting applications for accreditation of Skills Development Providers (SDP’s).

This means that we will be talking to our clients in the near future to get your inputs in terms of the packaging of module/course content. We anticipate that our more popular courses should be aligned by the end of this year.

Watch this space for more detail!!

Future Issues:

We have a number of very important and interesting matters that we would like to address in future issues of this newsletter, amongst others:

  • What are the current trends in OHS thinking?
  • How does the delay in the release of ISO45001 impact companies that have OHSAS18001 already?
  • What are the detail requirements of a QCTO qualification?

And many more!!  So please watch this space, it will become very interesting!!


New Management Team at Advantage ACT!

Joep Joubert has taken over as Managing Director for Advantage A.C.T., Steam LCS and AGO Certification.

Joep has more than 26 years of experience in the OHS field and has held positions at Technikon SA, NOSA, DEKRA Norisko, SAACOSH and ComPrac, before he started Pinnacle Occupational Safety and Health Services. Joep is the current President of the Institute of Safety Management and he sits on the CHS committee of the SA Council for Project and Construction  Management professions (SACPCMP). Joep is well known in OHS training circles and was the last Chairman of the SGB for Occupational Health and Safety. Joep holds an MBA (OHS) for the University of Southern Queensland and the NHD in Safety Management from Technikon SA.



Gordon Olivier has taken over the responsibilities of General Manager at Advantage ACT.

Gordon has many years of experience as technical trainer and facilitator in Occupational Health & Safety (OHS).  Gordon received his electrical diploma at Durnacol Mine and was exposed to drilling and blasting, long wall mining and continuous mining in a Coal Mining environment.  From there he moved to Transnet as a Technician and later as a technical Facilitator. Gordon was also a Technical Facilitator with the Tshwane University of Technology before moving  to NOSA as a lecturer ending his service there as a Project Manager. He was a Senior Facilitator with Dekra Norisko before joining SAFEMAP as a Senior lecturer . From here to SHERISK and then his own company.  He has done the City & Guilds of London Facilitators course and was an accredited Assessor & Moderator with the Health & Welfare SETA. Gordon is registered as an Occupational Safety Practioner (ROSPrac) with the board of registration for Occupational, Health Safety and related professionals (OHSAP).  Gordon has lectured on behalf of the University of Pretoria to Anglo American  regarding  Risk Management Processes  to all senior management (A3 level). Also is lecturing to Supervisors (A2 level) and floor staff (A1 level).

The new team took over from Philip Fourie, from the 1st of May 2016. After acquiring Advantage ACT, Philip realised that he would not be able to do justice to the challenges posted by the job and he decided to sell the company to the Pinnacle Group of Companies.

The strategy of the new team will be to maintain business as usual, making sure that the high standards set will not be compromised!

I want to thank you for motivating me and showing me that success is a choice.
- Sikhokhele Dube
HSE Practitioner - De Beers Group

Level of training is of the highest standard. We receive impeccable service.
- Darrel Baillie
SHE Facilitator - SAA Technical

I have always found Advantage ACT to be very professional.
- Jo-anne Zastrau
Owner - JAZ Services
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In this video you’ll hear from Derek Arnoldi, ImproChem Corporate SHEQ manager about what it takes to win the AECI safety award.

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