The Associate Program is an expression of Advantage ACT’s commitment to seeing SHEQ professionals play their rightful, pivotal role in the workplace.

In short, this Program enables Associates to present certain Advantage ACT courses to employees of their organisation.

Becoming an Associate

Coming on board involves six simple steps:

  1. You identify that the Associate Program is a practical way to meet a need in your organization.
  2. You provide proof of “buy-in” from your current employer.
  3. You familiarise yourself with our Associate program pre-requisites and operational requirements.
  4. You establish whether you can meet those requirements.
  5. You meet all our admission requirements, sign our Licensee Agreement and “kick-start” your association.
  6. We take care of all the administrative aspects.


  • Favourable pre-screening by Advantage ACT of your SHEQ background and experience.
  • Current employer approval and documented agreement.
  • Competency in the Advantage ACT “Train the Trainer” course OR
  • Ability to satisfy our RPL requirements
  • An adequate level of facilitation skills
  • Proven competency in the specific courses for which you seek licensing
  • Appropriate level of subject knowledge
  • Commitment to the Associate Code of Conduct (which addresses quality, integrity and ethical issues)
  • Commitment to quality and service excellence standards

Benefits of this Program

  • Course material is updated and amended by Advantage ACT to address changes and to incorporate new trends and best practices.
  • Employer cost savings
  • Time-saving
  • Makes possible “on-demand” training – no need for advance bookings, travel arrangements etc.
  • Flexibility – training can be postponed to accommodate changes or emergencies
  • In-house trainer has better insight into policies, organisational culture, procedures and practices.
  • Learners can work with organisational-specific documentation.
  • On-site location reduces work-force disruption.
  • Knowledge and skills transfer can be more easily contextualized.
  • Certificates issued by Advantage ACT will enable the employer to claim against training levies paid.

Train the Trainer Course

The Advantage ACT Train the Trainer course stands at the core of the Associate Program. All our Associates are required to successfully complete this course.

Your Associate Program Contact

An information document with all the details about the Associate Program is available from the Associate Program Administrator.