SHE Representative Skills Programme

Course Objectives

SAQA Id: 120330 (NQF 3); 259601 (NQF 2); 259622 (NQF 2) & 120335 (NQF 3) 

Delegates credited with these unit standards will be able to:

  • Explain the legal and specified requirements for conducting continuous risk assessments;
  • Prepare to conduct a continuous risk assessment & then conduct a continuous risk assessment;
  • Initiate remedial action and follow up on Continuous Risk Assessment;
  • Explaining the requirements for the implementation of a safety and health management programme in the workplace;
  • Implementing the procedures for evaluating safety and health performance in a workplace, as required by the safety and health management programme;
  • Evaluating performance of workplace safety activities required by the safety and health management programme;
  • Describing the framework of workplace health and safety legislation pertaining to health and safety representatives;
  • Explaining the specified requirements to conduct safety, health and environmental representation activities at a working place;
  • Addressing safety, health and environment related issues within their scope of authority;
  • Complying with the activities within safety, health and environmental structures;
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct investigations into workplace incidents.

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